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PTHeart is short for our full name: Philanthropy from the Heart, Inc of Miami, Florida. Yes, we help homeless individuals with much needed nourishment, along with other services. But we do a lot more.

You see, being homeless cuts deep. When a person loses their home, they almost always feel helpless and hopeless. They lose all self-esteem. They even feel like they no longer belong to the human race.

This isn’t just some kind of mental illness or state brought on by substance abuse – although it sometime is. Homelessness comes to millions of Americans every year. The homelesss come from all backgrounds. Some have college educations and once held good jobs.

But a lengthy illness, divorce, a lost job – any of these things, or a combination of factors can quickly make any one of us homeless.

PTHeart frequently organizes events to not only help homeless individuals, but also to bring awareness to the wider community. Singers, bands, and other artists gather to help us raise more funds to feed and clothe the homeless and hungry.

This is where YOU become so important. Your support is the only way we can continue our work. And for most of the many individuals and families we work with, you are their one real hope for achieving a better life. Won’t you contribute today and help us provide uplift to those who need it most? To make your tax deductible donation, click on the red button in the upper right of the home page and follow the simple instructions.

Helping for a smile!

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The life of the homeless

“A Voice for the Invisible”

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We can end poverty

Everyone deserves a chance.

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