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When you have a mission to alleviate hunger, prevent distress of the challenged, reach diverse people, serve and support the masses; you require many hands to get it done. There’s a segment of help known as volunteers. These are they who offer sweat equity, elbow grease and timely aid through the sacrifice of their time and energy. Whether volunteers come from the humbled masses or the educated professionals, whether they give a day or an hour – they make a mighty impact. At Philanthropy from the Heart, it’s such people that enable the varied assignments to get done.

Those with culinary skills help to prepare and serve food fare for the homeless and poor. Others can help by bagging food, or work behind the scenes doing routine office work.

Some people volunteer as individuals, some volunteer in groups. Either way, just like a physical body can not hold up without a backbone, Philanthropy from the Heart could not serve the hungry without their backbone, which are the volunteers.

By volunteering in some capacity, many make a noticeable difference in the lives of distressed people. By volunteering, many get involved in becoming part of the engine that fuels and drives the much-needed work.

Many hands make the load light. Volunteering is lending strength. To volunteer with Philanthropy from the Heart, please email us at with your contact information.

Helping for a smile!

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The life of the homeless

“A Voice for the Invisible”

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We can end poverty

Everyone deserves a chance.

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