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We are proud and excited to announce the first edition of our latest accomplishment, PTHeart Magazine. PTHeart Magazine discusses a wide range of real life scenarios that each of us is faced with every single day. This magazine will cover a wide range of different topics such as career, finance, dating, women, relationships, family, and raising our children. It will teach us how to become better mothers, better friends, stronger husbands, and more effective providers.
We are committed to shedding light on difficult topics that other people ignore such as women making more money than their male counterpart and how that affects many relationships, we will talk about proper etiquette for dating as a single mother, and we will even cover topics about child support battles and how that affects the children.
PTHeart Magazine was developed to help people all over the world overcome difficult challenges, conquer their fears, and improve their relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. This magazine was developed to help you gain more clarity about life, love, money, and relationships and help you connect with the rest of the world through real life scenarios.
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